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Welcome to the “Historical Archive” of the “Rally Città di Modena” and “Rally Appennino Reggiano”. This website was created to recover all sorts of material (photos, entry list, maps of the trails, newspapers articles, videos etc.) in order to give everyone the opportunity to see, year after year, which were pilots and cars running on our roads, from the first epic editions to the present day. Why join two races on the same website? Simply because the people of Modena always went to race at the Rally Appennino Reggiano and the people of Reggio went running at the Rally Coppa Città di Modena. The same did the public, how many nights on Modena and Reggio Emilia Apennines to wait for practices and the race! Also wonderful were the challenges between drivers and teams. I hope you will like this website; the “guestbook” is born just to know what you think about the website. You will find the updates in the “cronologia aggiornamenti” section. The Rally Città di Modena was an Italian Rally Championship race, organized by the team “Modena Corse”. The “Rally Appenino Reggiano” was another Italian Rallies Championship organized by the Automobile Club of Reggio Emilia. Modena and Reggio are very close, only 25 km and both races were performed on the roads of the Apennines. The first map shows the location of the Emilia-Romagna (a region in the north of Italy), the second map shows you the location of the provinces of Modena and Reggio, while the satellite photo let you see the proximity between the two cities and also the mountains were both rallies was ran.




Satellite view of the Modena and Reggio Emilia provinces


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